Real Estate

Mark Folden

Real Estate Broker

President of LeTip of San Jose chapter


Fireside Realty was established over 40 years ago as a full service real estate company. We are a local, family owned company with over 170 experienced REALTORS available to meet your needs. We are an independent firm, determined to prove to you, our clients, that the success of our office has not been dependent on having a big name over our door.

Aside from the high experience level of our agents, another contributing factor to the success of our office is the commitment of each individual working here. Every person is dedicated not only to personal success but to the overall success of the company. This is very evident in the spirit of cooperation that permeates the office.

Fireside Realty is one of the largest and oldest independent Realtors in the valley. Our real estate broker, Mark Folder has 43 years experience in the Real Estate profession.